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CBD Versus Viruses - featured image

CBD Versus Viruses

Did you know that the first documented use of cannabis as a natural therapy dates back to 2700 BC? Yes, even the people from those ancient times understood the benefits of using marijuana as a natural remedy. Cannabinoids, one of the substances in cannabis, come with a proven track record of soothing pains and reducing […]

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9 Alarming Teen Depression Statistics

Being a teenager isn’t easy.  There’s peer pressure and the desire to fit in and a broken heart.  Time seems to go ever so slowly – every year feels like a lifetime.  As pop-punk band Blink 182 put it in one of their most poignant songs, about a teenage fan who committed suicide: I never […]

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28 Exciting CBD Facts that Will Make You Smile in 2024

You heard it here first: Green is the new black. That’s because health and wellness manufacturers are opening up to the use of cannabinoids in products, emphasizing their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and overall beneficial effects. Consumers and patients are growing more curious about new treatments and applications. Now: Cannabidiol or CBD is a main component […]

Social Media and Mental Health Statistics - featured image

10 Interesting Social Media and Mental Health Statistics

Scroll, post, like, comment. Scroll, post, like, comment. Scroll, post, like, comment. It’s a never-ending circle, that we’ve come to call a daily routine. With billions of users all around the world,social media giants have, quite literally, taken over our lives.  But how does this all affect our mental health? Could it actually be true, […]

Marijuana Legalization Statistics - featured image

Top 36 Marijuana Legalization Statistics You Didn’t Know

When Colorado state created a precedent and made smoking pot legal in 2012, its decision caused a significant backlash. Since then, the opposing officials have been advocating against it. They have been predominantly expressing concerns that, based on available marijuana legalization statistics, this decision would have a negative impact on America’s youth and overall crime […]